Consign With Us

Consign With Us

How do I consign Furniture or Home Decor with you?

It's easy! All furniture consignment must be previewed before it is accepted for consignment. Please email pictures to Provide us with as much information as possible when sending pictures; original cost, where/when purchased, manufacturer and any other information you can send which will help us in .

For smaller items, just bring them in and we will review them and let you know what we can consign.

  • We accept most furniture in excellent condition, no tears or broken items, from a smoke free environment
  • We accept crystal and glassware
  • Paintings,pictures and mirrors should be framed and include hanging wire or saw tooth hooks.
  • Home Decor, all sorts
  • Antiques, we love antiques!
  • Garden items, Patio furniture, fire pits, flower pots, etc.

How do I consign clothing with you?

  • We are currently accepting clothing, coats, scarves, hats, boots, shoes, handbags and jewelry. Sorry no swimsuits, pjs, undergarments, etc.
  • All soft clothing must be brought in on hangers. To assure that your account is properly credited, please label each of your bundles, boxes, bags, etc. with your name and phone number.
  • All clothing items are to be freshly laundered and ironed or dry-cleaned and in like-new condition. No pet hair or odor (e.g. smoke) on the clothing, please!
  • We only accept current styles of designer and upscale department store labels. Nothing older than five-years will be accepted; dated clothing will not be accepted. Nothing from discount stores will be accepted.
  • Clothing Consignments are accepted during business hours; no appointment is necessary.

How much will you sell my items for?

Our goal is to come up with the best price that will make you the most money yet still provide a “great deal” for the buyer. We will work with you to get to the correct price.

We do research, research, research using software that pulls from Estate Sales, Auctions, Auction sites, etc to determine the best pricing for each item.

How long do you keep items?

Our consignment period is 90 days. If your item doesn’t sell after the first full month of receiving it, it will be marked down by 20%. If after another full month it still hasn’t sold we will mark it down to 40% of the original price. If after 3 full months your item doesn’t sell you can either pick it up or we can donate it to a local charity on your behalf. Once your item sells we will split the sale 50/50 off the selling price.

How do I know what you’ve sold?

Once we have your items logged in and ready to view on our website, you will be provided with a login/password. Here you will be able to view your items, sales, and balance payable at any time!

Your consignment items are in our shop for 90 days with a diligent sales team working hard behind the scenes to get you top dollar. We also use social media; Facebook & Pinterest to promote your items!